Moodle 2.0

Since the UBC MET Moodle server needs to be moved to a new box (i.e. server), we’re going to take the opportunity presented and upgrade to Moodle 2.0. On 17 October 2011.

I’ll be posting a message on the MET Moodle server landing page as well, but I suggest folks backup and download a copy of their course sites. Your courses should work fine on 2.0, but if there is a problem you can still load your course on another Moodle 1.9.x installation.

Welcome to the world of educational technology and the accompanying magic carpet ride!

Speaking of Moodle, there’s some Moodle Moots (conferences) coming up in the next few months, including:

More info here. Feel free to fly me to the one in Brazil. I’m always willing to support the open source/open access community. 😉

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  1. John, it’s me, Debbie Davidson from last May’s ETEC 565. I never did download my Moodle site after the course. I seem to remember you posted instructions on how to do it, but when I went back to VISTA a few weeks back, I couldn’t find it.

    Do you mind sending me instructions on how to download from UBC’s server, please? I’m hoping to upload to another server in my school district. In the event that I can’t get access to another server, I’d like to simply hold onto the files until I can gain access.

    Thanks 🙂

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