OECD ranks Canadian public schools 3rd in the world on PISA

The Guardian UK reports the latest Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD, or those kapitalist bums, as I like to think of them) education rankings. Overall Canada comes in third, behind South Korea and Finland. New Zealand is 4th, Australia 6th, the US 14th and the UK 21st.

The graphic alone on the article is worth taking a look at. It demonstrates nicely that the Koreans and Finns are doing a great job in all three subject areas (math, science, reading). Canada’s 3rd in reading, 5th in both math and science. These scores are based on the PISA (Programme for Internatonal Student Assessmen, or those high-stakes testing bums, as I like to think of them) tests administered to 15 year olds each year.

Suffice to say proponents of standardized testing in countries performing well will laud these results: those doing not so well will call into question these assessments or standardized tests in general.

Go Canada go!  😀


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