clin d’oeil

Is the term really (nearly) over? Wow that zoomed by. For me, at least. Still tidying a bit of stuff up though. Which means marking. It’s nearly done; I’m well done.

  • ETEC565A went well.’Twas the first time teaching the tweaked version. Seemed to go well. We await the SEoT…who will hate me this time?  😉
  • I’ve pretty much finished the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) program: just waiting for my review. You can view my e-portfolio here.
  • On a related note I’m about to submit my BREB application for my 565A-related SoTL project. Yay!!!1 Empirical research! Data!
  • Speaking of which: the LMS evaluation study is going well too.
  • Going to 2 conferences in Montréal in June; for the first time in yonks I got an abstract bounced. Uh, er, 2 of them, in fact. But the second was a Hail Mary pass anyways. Still presenting at the other conference though.
  • Paid my final balance for my French course in Québec City in July. Flights booked too!
  • And other things are in the pipe, but nothing to share just yet…. 🙂

Have a safe, restful and (if so inclined) spiritual long weekend.

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