Untethered: Tablet Teaching with the iPad

This week is the annual CTLT Institute–all sorts of awesomeness on offer, all of it currently over-subscribed–and tomorrow I’m presenting a lunch-n-learn session:

Tablet Teaching with the iPad
iPads are great for reading, surfing the web, and playing games—and for teaching! During this one hour session we’ll explore a range of apps that support the work of a scholarly informed teacher. The iPad, combined with AppleTV and an HDMI (high definition) LCD projector means you do it untethered! If you have an iPad, bring it–and if you have a favourite teaching-related app, be ready to show us!

There are 27 in the session, with a waitlist of another 25.  No pressure, no, none at all.

Shall I post the slides here afterwards?

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2 Responses to Untethered: Tablet Teaching with the iPad

  1. Sian Osborne says:

    I am currently involved in developing ipad project with my school and would love to have attended this! Would REALLY love to see the slide! Have fun!! 🙂


  2. John P Egan says:

    Slides are posted!

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