ENGL 301 Technical Writing

Welcome to my web folio for ENGL 301!

In this web folio, you will find information regarding ENGL 301, introduction to my academic and professional interests, and some of my best works for this course.

Here is a guide to the content you will find on the menu bar on the side:

Home – An introduction to my web folio and information on what can be found there.

Introduction to ENGL 301 – A description of UBC’s ENGL 301, and my expectations for it during the beginning of the Winter 2019 semester.

Biography – An introduction of myself.

Resume – My online resume showcasing my projects and academic and work experiences.

LinkedIn Profile– A direct link to my profile with details of what can be found there.

Application Package– A job application package for the position of Junior Front-End Developer at Fortran Traffic Systems.

Best Works– A selection of my best assignments completed over the course of ENGL 301.

Blog– A collection of reflections that detail my progress throughout ENGL 301.


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