Who are we?

We are the UBC Equity Ambassadors.

As Equity Ambassadors, we are a diverse group of students, undergraduate and graduate, working toward creating an inclusive learning and working environment. We raise student awareness around issues of discrimination and harassment in order to better recognize prejudices in ourselves and others; to identify ways of responding to situations of discrimination and harassment; and to discuss strategies for working to build a socially responsible campus community.

What We Do

We hope to create an inclusive learning and working environment for our peers through socially responsive education and outreach activities.


  • To raise UBC students’ awareness of equity, diversity, and inclusivity.
  • To help students understand UBC’s policy on discrimination and harassment.
  • To encourage student citizenship in promoting positive social change by undertaking personal and collective actions that will help UBC become more inclusive, welcoming, and socially just.
  • To contribute to the development of campus policies and processes that promote inclusivity.
  • To build partnerships with other student groups and staff agencies concerned with social justice and diversity.

These goals are achieved through training, ongoing support and education, one-on-one interactions, participation in program committees, workshop facilitation, networking, and attendance at events on campus. Find out more about what we’ve done and our initiatives here.

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