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UBC Equity Ambassadors

2013/14        Team Profiles







Aaron Monga

I’m a second year Science student who is trying to promote awareness for many social injustice issues. My goal is to encourage other university students to join in on the action and help stop social injustices from happening. My secondary goal is to cheer the Canucks on to the playoffs!


Alex So Yon

Hello! I’m a second year Microbiology and Immunology student who loves food and travel. My interest is equality in gender and sexual orientation. I’d like to gain more knowledge to correct people’s prejudice about these issues. I also want to make great connections while participating in various events and workshops!


Alice (Aeju) Jeon

Alice Aeju Jeon is an MA student in the Department of Educational Studies with a concentration on global multicultural citizenship education. As a UBC Equity Ambassador, she is interested in raising awareness for justice and equity on campus leading to a real change in the society.



Amanda Chiu

I’m a Sociology major and a Law and Society minor with a passion to learn and raise awareness for social justice in in our society. In hopes of making my studies an active part of my university experience, I am excited to be part of the team!



Audrey Abergel

Hello! I’m an International Relations major who joined Equity Ambassadors as a result of my strong passion for Human Rights Education. I look forward to bringing more awareness about issues that are easily looked over but also serve as strong influences in peoples’ lives. Can’t wait to see what we will accomplish!


Cicely Blain

I am the Equity Ambassadors Student Coordinator and this is my second year working with Equity Ambassadors. I am a second year Arts student majoring in Modern European Studies with a minor in Russian. I grew up in London, UK but my family originates from Jamaica and the Gambia (a small West African country). I also lived in France and the Netherlands where I attended a United World College which taught me how to be a hippy, how to change the world and how to apply to universities with awesome departments like Access and Diversity. Also, I love dinosaurs.


Diana Apuada

As a Psychology and Linguistics major, my topic interests include mental health issues and multiculturalism. I hope to bring more awareness to invisible difficulties and gain more knowledge from other social justice topics I haven’t explored. My spare time includes collecting memorable quotes, reading newspaper funnies, and hikes.


Lilian Higashikata

Hi beautiful people! I work toward creating an inclusive learning and working environment at UBC. My goal this year is to raise student awareness around issues of equity in order to better recognize prejudices in ourselves and others.  I’m still learning, but am excited to see what we can achieve this year! I am also a proud Slytherin, and an aspiring Pokemon Master, philosopher, writer, poet, musician and warrior princess. When I’m not drowning in homework sorrows, I am probably either eating or sleeping. I also like to read Wikipedia articles and drink tea.


Peiyuan Zheng

Hi everyone 😉 I’m interested in those built-in social injustice and unconscious behaviors related to equity issues. I’m excited about working with my buddies who share the same passions as me in the coming year. Feel free to talk with me about equity issues, as well as chocolate!


Penny Zhang

Penny Zhang is a BSc/BFA candidate in Biopsychology/Creative Writing with an interest in sexuality studies and an obsession with cats. She’s enthusiastic about learning how to promote social justice and positive social change, and excited to be meeting some cool people in the Equity Ambassadors team.



Pratyush Dhawan

I’m a Literature major with a passion for social justice issues, Astronomy and ice cream! I wish to help enact positive change at UBC with the Equity team, promote a more critical outlook, and learn from my peers in the process.



Sarah Chuen

Sarah is a 4th year student majoring in Psychology and is passionate to learn more about society’s different aspects. She spent 11 years in an all-girls school and is interested in exploring gender relations. She was born and raised in Hong Kong. She enjoys sleeping, eating and shopping.


Susanna Yao

I am a big fan of Salmon Sashimi and plan to work out for a dream body before next summer. I am interested in female rights and national diversity. The Equity Ambassador program is a good place for me to get to know myself. I want to brand our team in the following year.

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