Assembly of First Nations

Assembly of First Nations is a Canadian National organization of chiefs from bands across Canada.  The goal of the AFN is to raise awareness of the role of First Nations people in the development and history of Canada and to correct injustices that have occurred during colonization and the years of contact and interaction that followed.  They have considerable power and are well represented in Ottawa and in the Assembly by Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo.  The site is text heavy and not very interactive but it does present a great amount of current information regarding issues involving First Nations peoples across Canada. On the main page I encountered a powerful video, Shannon’s Dream, highlighting the issues that First Nations communities continue to struggle with regarding access to education.   This site would be a must visit for students grad 12+ in First Nations Studies.  It does not provide many other links that might guide me to sites that would be useful to younger students which I would find useful.

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