Linguistics Rights and Mapuche

Common, C. (2008). Linguistics Rights in the World: The Current Situation. Geneva: Universal Esperanto Association. Retrieved May 15, 2011, from:

This is report is about a symposium held in Geneva. It refers to the situation of linguistics rights in the world by 2008. For the ones who want to know about Chilean aboriginal groups, there is a chapter devoted to the history of Mapuche people, which summarizes clearly what happened to this group throughout history. However, the chapter dismisses some historical facts that are relevant to understand the Chilean and Mapuche history, such as the process occurred during 1860s known as “Occupation of Araucanía”, which ended in a huge destruction of Mapuce culture. After the publication of this document the Chilean Congress approved a reform to the Anti-terrorism law, which (in some cases) reduced penalties for those who commit certain acts against the law that before were qualified as terrorism.

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