Deb (M1-#3): First Nations students’ need for Internet technology


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This YouTube video clip has the interview with Denise Williams, a youth initiative officer for the First Nations Education Steering Committe. She talks about how Internet technology can help First Nations students to be better achievers.

She answers the following three questions:

1. How would you like to see Internet technology be used in First Nations education over the coming years?

2. How does the digital divide manifest itself in First Nations schools in BC?

3. How does Internet technology improve education for First Nations students?

Williams says that Internet technology can bridge gaps between students with more experience with technology and those with less experience with technolgy. Also, it can help connect to teachers all over the world to share resources and give Aboriginal students opportunities to continue their education. As education shifts from paper work to more technology, the First Nations students can now stay in their community and achieve their educational goals. They can also have information-based careers that they want. There are many opportunities given to them and Internet technology will build and show different aspect of the world.

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