Stolen Children

Stolen Children. This website by the CBC includes information on Residential Schools covering many angles. There is information on:

CBC Stolen Children

CBC Stolen Children

  • Analysis, background, history
  • Story archive: Truth and Reconciliation
  • FAQs: Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  • Who’s involved: The commissioners
  • A history of Canada’s residential schools
  • Timeline of aboriginal education in Canada
  • Background
  • Some big questions for the new commission
  • Original commission panel
  • Digital Archives: A lost heritage: Canada’s residential schools
  • CBC News stories about this topic
  • Video & Audio: Prime minister’s apology in Parliament, June 2008
  • Video: Although stories of abuse abound, other children had a different experience.
  • External Links
  • Residential Schools Unit, Assembly of First Nations: Maps, photos

The resources here are very extensive. I especially like the 1950’s video clips where CBC does a report on what happens at Indian Residential schools. It paints a very glowing report and these primary sources are very valuable for historians and students alike.

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