Mapuche International Link (MIL) is an organization that seeks for Mapuche self-determination and the right for their own development. It is inspired in the United Nations International Decade of World’s Indigenous Peoples (1994/2004) which was declared to focus world-wide attention on human rights violations, the destruction of environments and cultures, and the continuing struggle for recognition of indigenous people’s rights to their ancestral territories. Their goals are:

  • To raise awareness of indigenous peoples and their struggle for survival.
  • To use modern communications to inform the international community about indigenous cultures in particular Mapuche culture.
  • To develop contacts between Mapuche and European organizations.
  • To develop links between indigenous schools in Chile and Argentina , and schools in other countries.
  • To encourage European people to get involved in Mapuche communities’ activities.
  • To encourage sustainable tourism by providing up to date information on the culture, politics and economics of the Mapuche people.
  • To promote public awareness of all universally recognized international treaties and conventions adopted by the United Nations and the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), which have a bearing on humanity and the rights of indigenous peoples.
  • To emphasize the contribution of the Mapuche to the rich cultural diversity of the world, through exhibitions, publications, regular visits to U.N conferences and other international forums.
  • To develop and maintain communications with other Mapuche groups and indigenous peoples of the world.

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