Youtube clip “How is the wen impacting aboriginal communities”


As I stumble upon more information about the digital divide, more similarities seem to appear in regards to how technology can be used in remote communities.  In this clip, Phillip Djwa brings to the attention that technology (internet specifically) connects in three ways. Health, Education, and Economic Development.  What I didn’t realize, and maybe it is just me being ignorant to the issue is, I didn’t realize that many aboriginal youth when entering his/her junior high/high school years, need to leave their home communities behind and go to school else where.  Holy Smokes!  Can you say a total shake up to one’s life?  The emotions that one would be experiencing at this time, I can’t fathom what that would be like.  Having to leave your family behind would be extremely challenging, and unless you have other adults or elders or anyone to help guide you along, its a no brainer that school isn’t a priority! Who is there to coax you along and provide the encouragement?  E-learning would be something that can be a useful and beneficial tool to help youth and/or adults to be successful with learning in any circumstance. The search continues…

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