Paradigms Podcast

In a recent twitter feed, @Indigeneity, this podcast was mentioned from Paradigm.  The host of the podcast interviews Susan Davis from the Whitehorse, NWT,  discusses various policies and practices of the Canadian Government towards First Nations people.  I was fairly taken back with her examples of the recent racism incidents that have occurred towards aboriginal peoples in the last few years.   She shares examples of the Whitehorse RCMP, Vancouver PD, and the Winnipeg PD, and the tragic and terrible incidents of mistreatment of first nation people in confinement, which resulted in deaths in all three cases spoken of.  It is rather disturbing to hear that this disgusting behaviour is still occurring within our society.  These examples of the torture/mistreatment of aboriginals can’t be justified as an isolated case, it appears that it’s happening coast to coast in Canada.  How can this be occurring? Why aren’t these tragic and terrible incidents being broadcasted more nationally, is the nation afraid of the what others are going to perceive us as a nation as a whole? If individuals are dying due to the injustices of the people whom we see as the protectors and providers of all peoples regardless of race, gender, etc, than we as Canadians are doing something wrong here.  NGO’S and Amnesty International can only do so much, but what ever happened to the basic principles of treating others with respect and dignity that we as a individual should be doing?


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