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Module 1- Supporting First Nation, Metis, and Inuit students within the classroom


This presentation offers strategies for teachers as to how they can support First Nation students and families within learning environments.  The presenter, Debbie Mineault, speaks about her culture and the importance of welcoming all cultural aspects as a means of promoting awareness.

She offers the generic definition of culture as “the customs, history, values and language that make up a heritage of a person or people that contributes to a person’s identity”.  She emphasizes that culture is a framework and stresses the importance of culture in the educational framework.

Benefits of her heritage:

  • Economy- focus on self-reliance and culture of the land (hunting, fishing, sewing, clothing, crafts, etc).  They did not have a lot of money however were rich with knowledge.
  • Family- Strong connections with extended family.
  • Government- Ways of life were dependent upon natural resources and skills available.