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Intertribal Times


Intertribal Times is a website comprised of Native and Aboriginal headlines and editorial stories. One can view headlines from 4 different countries: Canada, United States, New Zealand, and Australia. Once one clicks on a headline, the website instantly forwards to the source of the article such as news websites and radio organizations. There also appears to be a discussion forum for people to share their opinions. The threads that I saw seem quite extensive as I am aware that there are so many headlines to discuss. The headlines are very up-to-date and include sources that I would deem reliabe. For Canada, the sources are CBC, the Globe and Mail, and other local newspapers. There is also an editorial section that is organized in chronological order. This website would be very useful for anyone wanting to research the latest news relating to Native and Aborginal communities in any of the 4 countries mentioned above. To comment on articles on Intertribal Times, one must create an account and sign in.