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Gitxaata & BC’s North Coast Economy

After watching the film “Returning to Gitxaata”, I became more interested in learning more about this area of British Columbia and the history behind it.  My search led me to a paper online which explores the role of indigenous peoples in the resource extraction industry of British Columbia.  It does this by focusing on both the Ts’msyen and Gitxaata people, who we are already familiar with.  The paper identifies non-indigenous newcomers as “K’mksiwah” and appropriately decries their history of “discovery” as being misleading.  The paper describes the social and economic context under which the Gitxaata people operate, offering insight into many of the primary industries which sustain the community.  A historical perspective reveals the important role the Ts’msyen and Gitxaala peoples have played in the development of British Columbia’s resource economy.  I’m happy to have been introduced to this community of Northern British Columbia, which I may have otherwise not known about!  I hope you may find the linked paper useful and/or interesting.