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Elders’ Voices

Elders’ Voices – The History, The People, The Voices

Throughout Module 1 we’ve discussed educational goals and how Indigenous communities are different in this regard for a number of reasons and how these differences complicate how Elders are connecting with younger generations.  Technology is very intimidating for Elders and this site acknowledges this fact.  It is a very descriptive site that addresses many of the challenges and barriers as well as benefits of technology use for Elders.  It is well designed, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, easy to navigate and organized into three topics:  The History, The Peoples and The Voices.  This site is a useful resource for local Indigenous Peoples or for any others who would like to learn about Alberta and Canadian Indigenous Peoples.  There are various links embedded in the many pages of the site that connect to other sites and examples of Indigenous people and technology use (including challenges and barriers along the way).  This site directly confirms my original thoughts about educating Indigenous Peoples and my reflection on the Lee Brown video.

A direct quote from the site:
“Every line on the face tells of a story experienced rather than heard; every gesture and expression carries the weight of a cultural memory that has been guarded and preserved against the ravages of time and circumstance. These are the stories of Aboriginal Elders, the ones who remember and who speak to the ancient ways of ancient peoples.”  It is for these reasons that this website has been created.  This site reveals how Elders communicate their knowledge and keep cultural traditions alive through their work and daily lives.