Analyst Report: Yuja – Sally B

Welcome to my Educational Venture Analyst (EVA) report on Yuja. I’ve created a single webpage to hold my video presentation, transcript + references and a brief written reflection. I chose this venture because I’ve always thought Yuja looked like an interesting product and this was a perfect opportunity to learn more about it.

Visit the one page site:

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  1. shaun holma

    Sally, you have a great screen presence. I often find it hard to sit and watch videos but in the case of yours, however, you were able to capture and keep my attention throughout the entire 9 minutes. I was intrigued to hear about some of stats around video education. You pointed out, for instance, just about half of the 83% of people who reported to have used video for remote teaching have access to video creation tools. With all the free/low-cost stuff out there, do you have any reasons for the low rate of accessibility among teachers? Great job all around. I was glad I took the time to gain a little insight into your platform of interest for this particular report.

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  2. SallyB

    Thanks Shaun,
    This assignment challenged my (very emergent) skill-set of applying this kind of analytic lens, and I really appreciate that the video resonated.

    As for your question: “With all the free/low-cost stuff out there, do you have any reasons for the low rate of accessibility among teachers?”

    I’m not sure, but my thoughts are that there are too many options to chose from and they don’t all ‘play nice’ within the educational ecosystem. There also tends to be significant confusion surrounding the different uses (requirements) of video solutions. For example: Lecture capture (recording + editing), video hosting/management/analytics, synchronous video meeting …to name a few. Some products offer simple, intuitive solutions in some of those categories, and others offer a broader suite of services/solutions but …it is by no means simple. So…I guess this rambling response means “I’m not sure”. I’m interested to see what other’s think?

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  3. markmpepe

    Hi Sally,

    Great EVA. I found it very informative about how video is used in education, especially the point on how those far removed are the ones making the decisions are far removed from the classroom. Also, I really liked your medium of delivery, Screencast-O-Matic. I’m a fan of video presentations, I did the same for mine, but what I really liked about yours, and I think is a feature of Screencast-O-Matic, are those time stamps to the right of the video. It was really handy when I went to look back for something specific. Great work! – Mark

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