In a typical year, the Advanced Practice in Photography course (VISA 362) culminates with an exhibition in the FINA Gallery, exploring concepts of site-specific art photography. The realm of contemporary art has seen many adaptations to conventional exhibitions since the COVID-19 pandemic, with many exhibitions switching to online formats. These formats offer the possibility of reaching a broader audience and renewing interest in art through virtual technologies. Students in the class this term considered what a speculative exhibition could offer an audience. Approaches ranged from using blogs and free platforms for online exhibits, electronic publications, personal websites and social media as means of publishing work. The theme of the photographs remained open, but the response needed to include a biographical element consisting of a brief artist talk, virtual tour or audio recording. We hope that you enjoy the results!

Mackenzie Beeman: Nowhere I Gotta Be – A Look into My Online Education


Sydney Bezenar: Rebirth 


Shelby Condon: Lifelong Strangers 



Kohl Finlayson: Red Room: Constructed Spaces 


Michael Gagliano: Exhibit of the Spectacle 
Saki Irie: Stuck 


Laavanya Prakash: (Un)Sanskaari 


AJ Salter: Botanical Colour Exhibition 


Skylar Tian: Night Talk with Skylar 


Arianne Tubman: Her Memory 


Jade Zitko: Silent Movements