BECOMING KNOWN is a collection of works created by nine BFA and BMS students enrolled in VISA 482: Advanced Art Practices. Because these students are exploring a number of ideas ranging from themes of the natural world to neurodivergence, this show does not have a specific theme or prompt. However, these students have discovered a common interest in the theme of human experience and collective spirit, which you will find in each of these works.

As the exhibition title suggests, these students are emerging artists just beginning to cultivate their artistic practices. This show serves as a small sample of what these students have in store for their year-end exhibition in April. These artists hope that this show will provide visitors with an enthusiasm for what is to come.

Students featured in BECOMING KNOWN: Cakeferdays, Katya Meehalchan, Mariah Miguel-Juan, Ivy Munro, Emily-Jayne May Myatt, Sara Richardson, Angela Wood, Haonan Zhang and Sikun Zhao.