Soundtracks is a multi-sensory exhibition of artworks by 2nd year Sculpture students made in response to ‘music’, defined in the broadest sense, as a starting point. This eclectic collection of artworks range from sculpture/sound hybrids, participatory ‘noise makers’, an experimental sound chamber, birdsongs, to purely visual works made to evoke memory and requiring the viewer to ‘listen’ to imagined music — all examples of how music resonates as a central theme in contemporary art practice.





Maddy Bohnet

Chandler Burnett

Ella Cottier

Hailey Gleboff

Mei Henderson

Evan Hildreth

Stephen Ikesaka

Ruth Nfutxila

CJ Ozee

Alicia Phypers

Shelley Sproule

Jian Suniga

Frederik Thacker

Odelle Walthers

Wenjing Wang

Wayne Xie


Renay Egami