Outdoor Banner Exhibition

This project originally launched in 2020, with the first banners erected in the spring of 2021, as a means of creating new opportunities for local artists amidst pandemic-related facility closures. The banner project continues as a unique and engaging way to expand access to exhibition space in the city. Each year, the Outdoor Banner Exhibition Program showcases 13 original works by UBCO students, staff, faculty and alumni.

The banners are installed in the springtime on the light standards at the Rotary Commons—the greenspace between the Kelowna Art Gallery and the Rotary Centre for the Arts—and the Art Walk pathway between the Rotary Centre for the Arts and the Downtown Library. The banners remain on view throughout the year, with a call for submissions going out each fall for new artwork for the following spring.

This project is made possible with the partnership of the City of Kelowna.

2021 Artists

Moozhan Ahmadzadegan; Mackenzie Beeman and Nicholas Kucher; Taylor Carruthers; Jon Corbett; Natasha Harvey; Patrick Lundeen; Coralee Miller; Ruth Nygard; Katherine Pickering; Andreas Rutkauskas; Rueben Scott; Stephanie Tennert; Angela Wood

2022 Artists

Serena Arsenault; Kayti Barkved; Kanzie Beeman; Myron Campbell; Connor Charlesworth; Briar Craig; Aubrey Creasor; David and Jorden Doody; Sofie Lovelady; Nayaab Master; Nasim Pirhadi; Maura Tamez; Kelly Yuste

2023 Artists

Bella Chunxiao Jiang; Joanne Gervais; Makeena Hartman; Josie Hilman; Asana Hughes; Chloe Jenkins; Lidnsay Kirker; Christna Knittle; Patty Leinemann; Jordan MacDonald; Mariah Miguel Juan; Sara Richardson; Ziang Wei

2024 Artists

Audrey Allan; Jenna Cooper; Trinity Davis; Melissa Dinwoodie; Owen Howk; Asana Hughes; Clary Ines; Connor MacKinnon; Carrie Mitchell; Karina Nardi; Roland Samuel; Megan Smith & Gao Yujie; Fredrik Thacker

Press Play! Augmented Reality project

Press Play! is a research project that focuses on bringing Digital Humanities projects to new publics, organized and produced by the AMP Lab at UBC Okanagan.

Four students were chosen to be part of the Augmented Reality stream of the project, and worked over the winter term in 2024 to complete four pieces based on a series of pre-selected sound files selected by the AMP Lab. Viewers can see the animations come to life using the Artivive app on a smartphone.

Visual arts professor Myron Campbell mentored the four students: An Tran, Lauren Naidoo, Kailee Fawcett and Ronnie Cheng, along with undergrad mentor Kai Hagen, as they engaged with SpokenWeb materials from B.C. writers Fred Wah and Pauline Butling.

In 2023 in collaboration with the University of Exeter, students Ains Reid (BFA) Austyn Bourget-White (BFA), Kai Hagen (BMS) and Matthew Kenney (BMS), accompanied by supervising professors, Dr. Karis Shearer and Myron Campbell, brought their augmented reality artwork to Exeter’s Streatham campus.

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