Wander // Katya Meehalchan

Katya Meehalchan is a UBC BFA graduate. This work of hers is being shown at the Member’s Gallery of the Alternator Gallery, to


Meehalchan’s work captivates through its interplay of mediums. Her prints evoke a sense of nostalgia, bridging the past and present, while her multimedia collages challenge the boundaries of traditional artistic forms. Her installations immerse viewers in thought provoking environments, inviting them to engage with her narrative in a tangible way.

Meehalchan seeks to create an environment packed with delicate details that allows for many access points for the viewer to relate to through the sense of nostalgia or curiosity. Her work is representative of the feeling of going through a vintage store, or estate sale and experiencing a sense of wonder or curiosity that lies in objects that hold a personalized history.

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