Developing useful point of differences

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I think the idea behind Evernote itself is very clever in that it utilizes the rapid increase in the use of laptops and tablets. However, as stated in Alita’s blog post, to remain on top of the game, Evernote must continually differentiate itself.

The “right product”

Evernote’s Context is a feature that provides users with new content from third-party resources based on what the users have typed. I agree with Alita’s point on the importance of Evernote developing a feature that not only differentiates itself from other note-taking platforms, but also focus on fulfilling a certain need. This will encourage other non-users – such as myself – to give Evernote a try as they begin to realize that Evernote has many helpful features that will alleviate their existing “pains.”

To further expand on this topic, I believe that firms should take the direction of using this strategy as a basis for their transient advantage. I would also like to emphasize on taking advantage of customer reviews as a source of ideas; to know which specific jobs consumers would like to get done. This may involve investing more on a wide array channels such as social media and review bloggers.