La grammaire

In your course materials:

  • Textbook → Précis de grammaire (p. 208-19)


  • A reference grammar with practice exercises:
    Poisson-Quinton, La grammaire du français en 44 leçons et plus de 230 activités, niveau A1. (Paris: Éditions Maison des langues, 2014). ISBN 9788415640127
  • Verbs and conjugating them:
    Bescherelle conjugaison (online, free) and its original printed book form, in any edition from 1980 onwards. This is the canonical French verb book.
  • A reference grammar (with a few exercises):
    Jacqueline Morton, English Grammar for Students of French, any edition (Ann Arbor: Olivia & Hill, 1st ed. 1979, current 7th ed. 2013).

Some free online resources for reference and explanation, listing grammar terms and topics alphabetically (ex. adverbs, participles, past tenses, verbs):

Some more free online resources for more grammar:


More practice exercises:

  • Free extra exercises and other resources online → Cosmopolite 1, Parcours digital (using the code on the black sticker on the inside front cover of your textbook).
  • TV5 Monde:
    learning French (not just grammar), from the main French international TV channel > niveau A1 (débutant) & A2 (élémentaire).
  • Le Point du FLE:
    Large online repository of more exercises; look for specific topics and for the A1 level.
  • Tex’s French Grammar:
    “An online pedagogical reference grammar of the French language that combines authoritative grammar explanations, self-correcting exercises and online audio with surreal dialogues and cartoon images.” Carl Blyth, Karen Kelton, et al; University of Texas, Austin. Not aligned with DELF / CEFR A1, but still generally useful: for example, if you feel that you need a different angle of approach and more practice on a specific topic.
  • REPSIT – À la découverte du monde francophone (University of Calgary).
  • Meta-meta-medieval > outils utiles (O’Brien):
    Further resources for French (overlapping with the resources above), including links to various websites with yet more online exercises. Warning: links have not been checked recently.