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emails sent to students in March-April 2020

Image : Christine de Pizan, La Cité des dames.
Dans le Manuscrit de la Reine (= Isabeau de Bavière).
Londres : British Library, Harley MS 4431.

This area of our site collects emails about COVID-19 changes to FREN 101 and 102, sent to all students either directly by the course coordinator or via your instructor. Copying them here might be helpful if you wish to check information, as this site is searchable (unlike Canvas and its Announcements) and it might help to have all this in one place (unlike email, with which we are all overwhelmed!)

2020-04-21 email

TOPIC: reminder of FREN 102 exam tomorrow and of exam conditions
(Similar email sent to FREN 101 students 2020-04-22/-23; in both cases, with some instructors requesting that exams be submitted as Word documents, some as PDF; and some by email, some as Canvas upload. The version below is that for my own 102 class.)

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