2020-04-08 email (2)


  • due dates for students to submit work
  • due dates for students to receive marks (pre-exam provisional marks and final grades)

Dear students,

A second message from your coordinator, in response to some questions:


As of 2020-03-16: deadlines are flexible, this is on your COVID-19 updated syllabus:
FREN 101 = https://blogs.ubc.ca/fren101and102/le-programme-syllabus/syllabus-1/
FREN 102 = https://blogs.ubc.ca/fren101and102/le-programme-syllabus/syllabus-1-the-course-fren-102/

(References below are to original weightings on the current syllabus. If students vote to make the final examination optional, I will provide a new updated syllabus with the two pathways on it: (1) for a student who takes the exam, (2) for a student who does not. For (2), marks for assignments with retain their current proportionality when reweighted.)


NB due dates are “soft deadlines,” do work as and when you can. You can change your project groups, move around, decide to do this individually (in which case you would be writing less). If you do not have access to video, you can submit an audio recording (ex. on a ‘phone) and text.


You are still expected to complete your cahier up to the end of dossier 4 (FREN 101) or 8 (FREN 102), by the day of your exam. Like we did with Test 2, your instructor will ask you to send them (or show them, in virtual office hours) two specific pages of your cahier and then they’ll give you the marks.


1. Savoir-être (5%)
(= from weeks 3-13 of term, and NOT assuming that you’ve been able to do an entry every week for 11 weeks!)
For a mark of at least 3.8/5 (B+): I expect you to have at least 7 entries.
For a mark of at least 4/5 (A-): I expect you to have at least 8 entries.

2. Savoir-apprendre (5%)
For a mark of at least 3.8/5 (B+): I expect you to have at least 3 entries, one per dossier for three of them (ex. in FREN 102, 1 each for dossiers 5-7).
For a mark of at least 4/5 (A-): I expect you to have at least 4 entries, one per dossier (ex. in FREN 102, this would be 1 for each of 5-8).


A rolling deadline: Instructors should inform students by Monday 20 April (email / Canvas gradebook / equivalent) of their grades thus far, based on all the work that they’ve received by the end of Tuesday 14 April.

Students can continue to submit coursework at least up to the end of the final exam; some instructors may be more liberal than that (but that’s up to them, as it depends on how many other courses they’re teaching and what other commitments they have going on in their lives right now)

We expect to be putting the finishing touches to final grades on Monday 4 May. Final grades are expected to be published on Tuesday 5 May.

Any other questions, please email me to ask. (You have all been asking excellent questions, which is very helpful, for which I thank you!)

Dr Juliet O’Brien