2020-04-22 email

TOPIC: FREN 102 exam open and sent to students
(Similar email sent to FREN 101 students 2020-04-24.)

(Variations from instructor to instructor; as far as possible, sent both as a FSC email and as a Canvas Announcement. Exam materials will be published on this site once the exam has ended, as this whole set-up might help colleagues at UBC and in other universities.)

Dear all,

Here is your final exam! You’ll find three files attached:

1. PDF = the exam 

2. .docx = examination booklet

3. .mp3 = audio

(Remember, this exam is optional.)

Make sure you’re comfortable and have snacks, liquids, and any other necessary supplies before you begin.

When you’ve finished, please email your completed exam as a [WORD DOCUMENT  / PDF depending on instructor preference] to [your instructor’s email] [and/or upload to Canvas Assignments > exam, depending on instructor]

All the best,

[your instructor] [& Juliet]