2020-04-21 email

TOPIC: reminder of FREN 102 exam tomorrow and of exam conditions
(Similar email sent to FREN 101 students 2020-04-22/-23; in both cases, with some instructors requesting that exams be submitted as Word documents, some as PDF; and some by email, some as Canvas upload. The version below is that for my own 102 class.)

The final exam opens tomorrow (Wednesday 22 April) at 12 noon Vancouver time.

A little before 12 noon, you’ll receive an email from me (and a copy of the email as a Canvas Announcement). It will contain three files:

  • a PDF of the exam
  • a .docx that is an examination booklet
  • an .mp3 of the listening comprehension audio; it’s also in the PDF, but there’s no harm in sending you two copies, just in case

The exam is open for 24 hours, it closes at 12 noon Vancouver time on Thursday 23 April. You can do it at any point in that 24 hours. It’s a 2.5-hour limited-open-book honour-code exam. You can ask me anything during the exam: email or Canvas message; I might have to just give you a clue, but I may be able to answer. If in doubt, ask. I’ll be online except 22:00-08:00 when I’ll be asleep.

How to submit your completed exam?

  • either that examination booklet (.docx or .pdf) or hand-written on paper (then scanned or photographed and converted to a single PDF)
  • at Assignments > examen final (écrit)
  • worst case scenario, email it to me

If you are going to take the exam—remember, it is optional—please take a little time beforehand to reread the exam instructions and conditions. I’m copying the short version here below. The long version is: SPECIAL REMOTE EXAM CONDITIONS (FREN 101 & 102, April 2020)


This is an honour-code limited-open-book take-home exam. Before you start, please read this page attentively.

You MAY use:

  • your textbook and workbook
  • shared course materials on this course’s Canvas site
  • your own notes from this class
  • one of the specific approved online dictionaries: Lexilogos, Linguee, or Wordreference
  • help from our teaching team: during the exam, I (the coordinator) will respond to emails (juliet.obrien@ubc.ca) 08:00-22:00; other instructors will inform you of their availabilty. Ask me anything. I will probably be able to answer, or at least give you a clue. During the exam, instead of working as surveillance of you, we’re going to be working as support for you.

This exam is independent individual work.


  • communicate information about the examination to or receive any information from anyone (other than the coordinator and your instructor in this course) until you have finished and submitted the exam: that means no communication of any sort and in any medium;
  • contact, communicate with, or receive assistance from other examination candidates, students, friends, family, neighbours, tutors, online services, exam upload sites, crowdsourcing, Reddit, or any other person or agency or entity;
  • consult or use any unauthorised materials: automated translation, translation engines, verb conjugators, and spell-checking and grammar-checking software.

As members of this academic community, we should act according to the same code of honour, where we take responsibility for our personal behavior, respect others, nurture independent thought, and abide by the standards of academic integrity embraced by UBC and as is expressed in our course syllabus in both in person and online learning environments. For this specific assessment, we hope that you will respect the guidelines. We trust you.

In accordance with the UBC Respectful Environment Statement, I will treat you as a moral agent and responsible adult, and hold you to the same standards as I do my faculty colleagues and indeed as I hold myself: we are fellow Members of the University.

Your instructor and coordinator will assume, and presume, that you are a person of honour.

In your examination booklet, please read, sign (writing or typing your name), and date the honour code statement. An exam that is submitted without a signed and dated formal honour code statement will automatically receive a 0.


These are from multiple language into and from French. Dictionaries ONLY, not associated proofreading tools and verb conjugators.