2020-04-09 email

TOPIC: voting results, final exam now optional

Dear students,

Thank you for voting! Across FREN 101 and 102, 343 students voted. That’s higher turnout than general elections in many places: congratulations on being good citizens of our collegial commonwealth, The University! 96.79% of you voted for the final exam to be optional. You can view the results at the following link (don’t click it, copy and paste it into a fresh browser tab or window):

  • https://ql.tc/ZSeIaK

Here is what happens next.

1 By Monday 20 April, your instructor should have informed you of your provisional grade so far, for all work submitted by Tuesday 14 April. (You can of course continue to submit work at least up until the end of the final exam, there are no late penalties (one of the major changes of the 2020-03-16 COVID-19 emergency syllabus); this may vary (and be later) for some instructors, check with your instructor for their late amnesty policy.)

2 Your exam will open on its scheduled day at 12 noon and close the next day at 12 noon.

3 You could do the exam.
You could ignore it completely.
You could start and then decide not to finish and not to submit it.
You can decide whether or not to do the exam (and therefore have it potentially count towards your final grade) at any point up to its end.

4 When the exam closes, your instructor will mark those exams that had been submitted. They will count the exam mark towards the final grade of each student who submitted an exam.

  • BUT EXCEPT: ​If including the exam in your final grade would lower your grade, they will not include it: you will receive whichever is the higher of
    (a) your pre-exam 60% (= everything except the exam) or
    (b) your post-exam 100% (60% pre-exam work + 40% exam).

5 For students who had not submitted an exam, their instructor will not count it towards your final grade. This means that, instead of giving you a 0 and then a maximum grade of 60% (if you had 100% on all the rest of your work for the class), your final grade would be based instead on

  • the rest of your work for this class, all of reweighted:
  • the two tests = 30% => becomes 50 %
  • the project (or projects, some classes have more than one, some have a single project in stages) = 15% => becomes 25 %
  • your cahier d’activités submissions = 5% => becomes (25/3 =) 8 and 1/3 %
  • your savoir-vivre = 10% => becomes (50/3 =) 16 and 2/3 %

I will also update information, tomorrow, at the shared common FREN 101 & 102 UBC Blogs site—

  • LE PROGRAMME (SYLLABUS); last updated 2020-03-16
  • Révisions et examen final; last updated 2020-04-04, next update 2020-04-09

—and send you an updated syllabus (PDF). Your instructor might also make changes to your Canvas course site, if they are using Canvas for teaching (its use is not compulsory).


Dr Juliet O’Brien