25 Things.

  1. The cold side of the pillow
  2. When a stranger smiles at you
  3. Going to sleep when everyone else is awake
  4. When your ipod shuffle is good to you (aka. Nelly Furtado followed by Bon Iver followed by Jay-Z, followed by Theophilus London, followed by M83 and so on…)
  5. Craving a certain type of food and satisfying it
  6. Eternal love manifested in a 90-year old couple, holding hands (saw that yesterday)
  7. When you get a whole row of seats to yourself on the plane
  8. Positive vibes
  9. The anticipation before a big vacation
  10. That feeling when you wake up before your alarm is set, and realize there’s nowhere else you need to be but in bed
  11. Goosebumps from good music
  12. A productive work day
  13. Laughing fits (rolling on the ground included)
  14. Surprises
  15. When you finish an exam
  16. Coffeehouses
  17. When you’re handwriting is really neat
  18. Receiving a compliment
  19. Home-cooked meals
  20. Finding money on the ground
  21. When you automatically “click” with someone else
  22. Giving gifts
  23. When it rains for a week and you get a day of sun
  24. Reuniting with someone you love
  25. Beyonce.





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