Honey, Don’t Stress!

First off, I apologize for slackin’ on my posts lately it has a been a busy last couple of weeks around here. I must say I am definitely feeling the wrath of these final projects!

However, in the midst of all this chaos I have still managed to find some time to fulfill my procrastinating duties, but not the kind I had hoped for. Last Thursday I landed myself a WICKED migraine. If you have ever personally been victimized by one of these god awful experiences, I feel for you. And if you haven’t….consider yourself lucky. Long story short after paying the UBC hospital a visit and receiving some medication, I was practically bedridden for 2 full days. This may sound like a really fun time you know pop a movie in, get some snacks, hangout. Unfortunately that was not the case and I had to lie there in the dark, alone, in attempts to calm down some of the symptoms. If you’re anything like myself; impatient, restless, talkative etc. this task was extremely difficult!

This week I finished my term research paper, a presentation for my Swedish class and am on the road to completing my life size self-portrait for art. 5 gold stars for me! Now I’m feelin’ good, I’m feeling like I’m on top of things. I plan on gearin’ up for finals season stress FREE. I know UBC has many resources available to students to help deal with stress and especially around exam time. I mean let’s get real, would you pass up a 30 minute session to play with an adorable puppy? Or perhaps may I suggest the lovely annual Undie Run, where students get together to run around campus in their underwear in 5 degree weather. Now obviously I have never personally experienced such events, this being my first year and all, but they have certainly gained quite the reputation. Someone want to try it out with me?

For my own sake, if that doesn’t work out, I know I can rely on my trusty companion You-Tube, for when one is having a mini brain lapse or mini meltdown, whichever happens first.

When you “read” the same 3 sentences over more than 5 times and you still don’t know what is going on, you have probably encountered a brain lapse.

A mini meltdown may look a little more like this:

“That’s it. I’m done. I quit.”

followed by…

“Hmm, maybe I could just skip it?! Its what, only 30%?….” [insert an elaborate plan to induce over-sleeping your alarm on exam day]

And when both happen together, we turn to You-Tube



and finally


Alright, hope you enjoy everybody, and good luck with exams! 🙂

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