Preliminary Thoughts on Startups

Entrepreneurship is Management

Although I never start up a company, I am very excited about owning a company and based on all my imagination and experiences I want to share some insights on the startup.

I have read an article talking about lean startups: Lean Startup Principle: Entrepreneurship is Management. The title is straightforward and it tells me that management is crucial in a startup business. As I read the article, I learned one very basic and important idea involved in startup environment that, to a startup, the environment is dynamic. In order to survive in the business, the startup therefore has to be highly adaptive, or using the words in the article, not afraid to pivot. The central idea of this is that startups expose themselves to many aspects of the businesses so they are more likely to know or know more about what to avoid in their businesses because customers do not like these.

Another important insight I have gained from the article is that startups’ CEOs should create an environments that are conducive to creativity. Usually good ideas can be from any member in the initial stage of the business thus CEOs should collaborate more with staff, giving them more autonomy and encouraging them to think creatively.


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Reference article: Lean Startup Principle: Entrepreneurship is Management (Click to view the article).

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