Comment on “The Importance of a Company’s Culture”

I read a blog,The Importance of a Company’s Culture, discussing the author’s view on companies’ culture. Personally I agree with him that the culture of a company is of crucial importance in sustaining the vitality of a company. It overall enables a company to be more cohesive and efficient. I also find his view that culture facilitates the recruitment process to be a good insight. Indeed a high integration between the company’s cultures and the personal values is more likely to benefit the company and employing the employees based on a firm’s culture is going to achieve this.

Inspired by this blog, I also come up with the idea that normally a company’s culture is usually positive so if the company tries to integrate its culture into its product or service. It might have a positive impact on the company because these product is carrying the company’s attitude to the society. Maybe some sophisticated investigations and experiments have already revealed this relationship.


Reference blog: The Importance of a Company’s Culture (Click to view the full article).

One thought on “Comment on “The Importance of a Company’s Culture”

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