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A bicycle made by 3D printing.

3D printing is one of the hottest topic these days. Though the commercialization of it in consumer industry is still fay away from us, it have already stepped onto the historical stage and we have heard a great number of implementation and predictions of 3D printing.


Welcome to your printable future, a blog posted by Kai Ng Yan, talks a little about the author’s insights on 3D printing. I agree with the author’s opinion about the potential glorious and splendid future of 3D printing. 3D printing is truly fascinating. However, I disagree with him on his example of Rolls-Royal. He said that Rolls-Royal is planning to bring the 3D printing into its engine production process and before very long, other firms will quickly follow its step. It is fine that Rolls-Royal plans to do so but it is not practical for everyone else to do it. Because of the nature of the business, a luxury automobile manufacturer is able to use some state-of-the-art technology to produce cars while a food company, for example, might not be able to afford the high-cost production means to produce food. I believe when 3D printing is widely speeded, then the author’s envision will be fulfilled.


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Reference blog: Welcome to your printable future (Click to view the article).


2 thoughts on “Comment on “Welcome to Your Printable Future”

  1. The article “Welcome to Your Printable Future” provides an interesting perspective on the potential of 3D printing. The author rightly acknowledges that 3D printing is a fascinating technology with immense possibilities. However, I would like to express a difference in opinion regarding the example of Rolls-Royce using 3D printing in their engine production process. While it may be feasible for a luxury automobile manufacturer like Rolls-Royce to adopt state-of-the-art technologies, it might not be practical or financially viable for every industry or company to do the same.

    Each industry has its unique requirements and constraints. For instance, a luxury automobile manufacturer may have the resources and demand to invest in high-cost production methods. On the other hand, a food company or other industries with lower profit margins might face challenges in adopting expensive 3D printing technologies.

    Nonetheless, I agree with the author’s vision that as 3D printing becomes more widespread and accessible, we can expect to witness its full potential in various sectors. It’s an exciting time for technological advancements, and I look forward to seeing how 3D printing continues to evolve and shape our future.

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