One of the oldest business is suffering

Selling sex is not as easier as it was in the past. The unstable economy in Britain and US has led to unemployment and the increases in price, which indirectly affected the business of sex workers because increasingly less people are willing to pay money to them during the time of economic recession. Many escorts have even started to offer discounts because if they don’t low down the price, not even a person will come. People have tried to find other jobs like cleaner but even these jobs are found hard to get. People at the very bottom of the society eventually have to involve in this dangerous industry to continue their lives.

Prostitution is such a basic business that I find it doesn’t even have complete components of business like accounting, finance and operation. In spite of this the workers still suffer from the influence of society, I can then only conclude that the economic problems are little serious right now.


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Why COOs?

In my last blog I mentioned that there is a rumor concerning the possible replacement of Tim Cook as Apple’s CEO. This news strikes me with another person who is going to step down from his position — Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO. In the late August this year, Ballmer has declared to the public that he was going to resign as CEO in Microsoft. There is one thing that I want to point out here that both figures, Ballmer and Cook, are the successor of great CEOs, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who establish extraordinary companies. Ironically, the day Ballmer declared the resignation, the Microsoft’s stock increased by 9%. During the time when Cook is in the position of CEO, I find it similar that the stock price of Apple dropped by $300 from its original $700.


Cook and Ballmer

It seems that both Ballmer and Cook are not very welcomed by their investors. Why? The stock prices are two low! Investors want to make more money but the job for Ballmer and Cook are not just to make money. One things that is worth mentioned here is the fact that before these two CEOs are promoted they were all COOs. Why Gates and Jobs want COOs to take over their business? Perhaps after the great invention, they want people to first sustain their exceptional results and in terms of this, it will be understandable why they choose COOs as COOs know the companies perfectly and will keep the business run smoothly at least.


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Between “Be itself” and “money”

This fall a great number of great things are going on in computer and cell phone industries. Together with updates to Windows OS and Mac OS, the releases of Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 5S and many other smartphone companies’ flagship handsets really make the IT companies go into competition with each other.

Apple’s stock price on 9.12

Meanwhile, I notice that on the day when iPhone 5S was released, the share price of Apple dropped unexpectedly. Investors say that even iPhone 5C is not cheap enough to gain a larger market share for the company. There are already rumors about the replacement of Tim Cook going on because it seems Tim Cook can’t meet the shareholders’ expectation, which is a promising future growth for the company.

The situation reminds me of past Apple which was dynamic distinctive and remarkable. In fact, Iit is still the same today. I think the value proposition of the company was, and still is, to deliver the best technological advancement integrated with artistic elegance to people who love perfection. I believe it is this that make Apple becomes a company that stands out among all other tech companies. Such positioning certainly can’t not be achieved by expanding market share as not all consumers all in that category; therefore how could a company that has its own style accepted by everyone?


Steve Jobs once said something similar like “Money will eat Apple”. Now I think it is the time for this great company to choose between “be itself” and “money”.


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