Two Factors That Pushes Tech Industry Further

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I was shocked when I looked at this diagram because the value of these young tech companies substantially surpassed the value of those well-known traditional media. One more interesting thing that is worth to notice is that the sole value of Apple Inc. is almost equivalent to the total value of the old media.

I think thoroughly about this dramatic situation and come up with two possible causes that might lead to this phenomenon. Externally, mobile media has the inherent advantages of being more portable and flexible than traditional media, which are the important factors to succeed in the contemporary society as the tempo of life becomes quicker. New technology is just loved by people. Even though traditional media is trying its best to digitalize its own contents, this is still considered as a disadvantage compared to those high-tech companies.

From my personal perspective, the internal reason why new media beats old media might be the fact that the managerial positions in tech companies know more about IT as they are compared to their counterpart in traditional media. Good integration of information technology into their own business system simply enable the management to make better decision. This is another disadvantage that might probably handicap the development of old media, though I agree that this effect is on a lesser extent compared to the external factor.


Reference material: The Future of Digital: 2013 (Click to see the full article).

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