I recently read an article about the about the latest proposed BC Water Sustainability Act. The article mentioned the current situation in BC’s water management that the related legislation has not been updated for a very long time and BC is now the only area that has no regulation on the groundwater. In fact, even the new Water Sustainability Act cannot fully fulfil its seemingly wonderful goal. However, the news of the new act is still widely spread and the reason for this, as it is agreed by the majority, is the fact that government want to increase the business opportunity. The author indicated that it is the growing trend that more and more investors valued sustainability an important part within a company. Proposing the new Water Sustainability Act could more or less cover the fact that many BC companies waste too much resources.

Linking to the knowledge in the class, sustainability is indeed an increasingly important topic for a company. I believe that economizing the use of the resources not only attracts investors but also reduces the cost of the companies; therefore companies have sufficient internal incentives to be sustainable. Besides a company is now required to be perform sustainable acts as resource scarcity has become the growing concern. For BC, it is urgent to come up an effective means to optimize the water management, as it will benefit both the local businesses and people.


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Reference article: Unpacking BC’s Proposed Water Sustainability Act (Click to view the full article).

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