“Rights for Students at Work” Podcast


Podcast of Session co-hosted by HWS researchers and UBC’s Centre for Student Involvement and Careers on “Rights for Students at Work” held on February 24, 2020.

Panelists: (Left to Right) Pam Charron (RAN), Laura Cipolato (UFCW), Nick Thornton (UBC), Velia Altamira (UBC)

Listen to the Podcast Highlights from our February panel (~8 minutes).

Description of event:

The Hard Working Student study has found that over half of working students experience stress or anxiety and fatigue as a result of their jobs (see our report). While there are undoubtedly multiple causes for this, our interviews with students suggest that sometimes students’ working conditions and unfair treatment by employers contributes negatively to their well being. This session provides information on employment standards (breaks, overtime pay, minimum wage, safety requirements) as well as how to respond to sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. It covers work both off and on campus (e.g., Work Learn). The aim is to raise awareness about student workers’ rights, including information that may help you self-advocate in the workplace.


Laura Cipolato is a union representative from UFCW 1518. She started her career working in retail foods and is passionate about ensuring members know their rights in the workplace.

Pamela Charron is a coordinator at Retail Action Network (RAN) as an advocate for worker justice. She understands unfair working conditions because she worked in the restaurant industry herself for over a decade.

Nick Thornton works as a Career Educator, Workplace Learning in the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers. Prior to this role, Nick also worked as a Work Learn supervisor to a team of 17 student-staff and was formerly a Work Learn student as well

Velia Altamira is a Program Coordinator with UBC’s Work Learn Program in the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers.

Thanks to our undergraduate research assistant, Sara Sanabria   for emceeing this event!

Also,  a big “Thank You” to Alex de Boer for her work recording and editing this podcast.

The full version of the Panel including Q & A with students is below (1 hr 30 min):

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