Thematic Focus Groups


November 2020 Focus Group

Our Hard Working Student project is still running and we’d like to hear how this year is going for you, and how it’s different from last year. We’re planning to hold our first ‘Thematic Focus Group” on Zoom in the week of November 9-13, and will provide an honorarium of $25 to each participant.

The topic is about multi-tasking and boundaries. In our previous interviews, a number of you told us that working or studying can also involve social time. Or you may try to study when you’re working (especially around mid-terms). In other words, work, school, and other activities may blend together.

We’d like to hear more about “time blend/ time bleed”

  • How interwoven are different parts of your life (e.g. school, work and leisure);
  • Is it by choice; and
  • How do you feel about it?
  • Plus, during COVID-19, do you feel the boundaries are blurring even more (since your bedroom may now be your Zoom room)?