Netflix’s methods of improving subscription numbers

Netflix, a couch potato lifestyle

In class we discussed Netflix’s potential for growth in the market. I believe that Netflix will continue to grow because they have introduced Emmy-nominated shows such as House of Cards and Hemlock Grove and the series are still running.

I agree with Mike Choi in his blog, “Reason why Netflix is Falling”, that improving customer service will aid in retaining customers. However, because Netflix provides a type of service that does not involve human interaction, improving customer service will not be as easy. I am a subscriber of Netflix and I have not unsubscribed because they are producing more and more of their own Netflix exclusive shows and adding to their movie collections, which I believe is Netflix’s way of improving customer service. One way they have improved their customer service over the years is by making Netflix very practical. They find movies similar to the ones that the user has watched! And because the service cannot be brought forward by an employee, the service itself can improve by giving customers more variety. It’s like going to a all you can eat buffet packed with thousands of choices instead of 10 choices, which one would the customer prefer?