Acoustics Week in Canada: Newfoundland (Sept 2022)

Congratulations to all of our lab members and collaborators who presented this week at the Acoustics Week in Canada Newfoundland (2022)!

Two lab projects were presented:

Nicole Ebbutt, Yadong Liu, Annabelle Purnomo, Charissa Purnomo, Kyra Hung & Bryan Gick (2022) INITIATION AND MAINTENANCE OF LINGUAL BRACING POSTURE. Canadian Acoustics 50(3): 96-97. 

Annabelle Purnomo, Nicole Ebbutt, Charissa Purnomo, Jahurul Islam, Gillian de Boer and Bryan Gick (2022). COMPARING VELUM VELOCITY IN QUÉBÉCOIS FRENCH NASALS. Canadian Acoustics 50(3): 98-99.

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