Acoustics Week in Canada: Montreal (October 2023)

For this year’s Acoustic Week in Canada, our lab published several conference papers, and several of our lab members went to present them at Acoustics Week in Canada, held in Montreal Oct 3-6, 2023.

Congratulations to Yadong Liu and Grace Bengtson as well, for winning best poster presentation!

Conference Papers:

Azreen, J., Mayer, C., Liu, Y., Shamei, A., Stavness, I., & Gick, B. (2023). Biomechanical Simulation of Lateral Asymmetry in Tongue Bracing. Canadian Acoustics51(3), 196–197. Retrieved from

Bengtson, G., Massing, E., Zhao, C., Samarskaya, M., Islam, J., & Gick, B. (2023). Tongue Adjustments in the Chest-Head Register Transition of Operatic Singers. Canadian Acoustics51(3), 216–217. Retrieved from

Liu, Y., Hung, K., Villasenor, M., Colcleugh, S., Chung, E., & Gick, B. (2023). Timing of Perioral Muscle Suppression in Smiled Speech. Canadian Acoustics51(3), 206–207. Retrieved from

Ma, C., Islam, J., Kao, E., Kitamura, R., Wang, S., Maitinsky, M., & Gick, B. (2023). Acoustic Variation in Speech: Contrasting Initial and Later Stages of Conversations Showing Opinion Convergence and Divergence. Canadian Acoustics51(3), 212–213. Retrieved from

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