182nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

Congratulations to all of our lab members and collaborators who presented this week at the Acoustical Society of America conference in Denver, Colorado! We had representation from 5 lab projects and are excited to bring the constructive feedback back to our lab to improve our studies.

Word and phrase duration in Mandarin-speaking individuals with Alzheimer’s disease by Kaiwen Yu, Yadong Liu, Arian Shamei & Bryan Gick.

Triggering and spreading of lateral tongue posture by Nicole Ebbutt, Kyra Hung, Magdalena Ivok, Farhan Samir, Weirui Chen & Bryan Gick.

Effect of speech-related smile suppression on emotional valence by Nicole Ebbutt, Yadong Liu, Charissa Purnomo, Annabelle Purnomo, Kyra Hung, Maryn Lum-Tong, Gillian de Boer & Bryan Gick.

Speed of velum movement during nasal segments and rest intervals: A cineradiographic study of French and English speech by Jahurul Islam, Gillian de Boer & Bryan Gick.

Facial posture as a phonetic prime for memory retrieval by Arian Shamei, Sijia Zhang, Noah Luntzlara, Yangshuying Zhao, Sonja Frasier, Gillian de Boer & Bryan Gick.

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