Felicia Tong

Undergraduate (B.A. Speech Sciences)

Felicia is an undergraduate Speech Science student with the lab since 2016. She is interested in articulatory phonetics with a focus on tongue movements. She’s has worked on projects including Cross linguistic Bracing, Lateral Bias in Tongue movement and Bite Block Bracing, under the guidance of Dr. Bryan Gick. She contributed to the Enunciate project, where she made language learning videos for self- directed courses. She’s also involved in a project on tone mergers in Cantonese children, under the guidance of Professor Peggy Mok from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In fall 2020, she began her M.Sc. in Speech-Language Pathology at UofA.

For more information on her recent publications, please visit: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Felicia_Tong3

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