Speech in Space

Speech in Space

Project Overview 

Using acoustic analysis, machine learning, and biomechanical simulation, we are able to analyze the effects of gravity on vocal tract posture, which ultimately impacts acoustic output.

Publications / Conferences


Shamei, A., Sóskuthy, M., Stavness, I., & Gick, B. (2022). Anti-gravity posture in speech motor control. PsyArXiv, May 31. https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/5jrcp

Shamei, S. & Gick, B. (2021). The effects of microgravity on tongue height. Canadian Acoustics, 49(3):50-51.

Shamei, A., Gick, B. Effects of Outer Space on Vowel Space. Proceedings of Acoustics Week in Canada 2019. Canadian Acoustics 47(3). 110-111. 2019.

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