HI-Vancouver Jericho Hostel. Minimal facilities. It is a dorm but it is very close to UBC and it’s in Kits. 26.67 CAD per night. Good reviews.
The Buchan Hotel. Farther away and I’m not sure whether it’s close to transit, but it’s 69 CAD per night in a Queen room with shared bathroom.
The Kingston Hotel Bed & Breakfast. Downtown. Close to transit (and shopping)! Double room for 85 CAD per night.
Comfort Inn. Downtown. Very close to transit/direct bus. Not the best location but it’s not a hostel at least. 131.75 CAD per night.
Chateau Granville Hotel (Best Western). Downtown. Close to transit. 143 CAD per night for double room.
Holiday Inn. Downtown. Close to transit. 154 CAD for a standard room per night.
Park Inn & Suites. On Broadway and Laurel. Easy to take the 99 to campus. 169 CAD for a double room per night.
The Sylvia Hotel. Probably the farthest away from campus (near Stanley Park), but the prettiest. If someone wants a tourist-y option, I guess. 179 CAD for a standard Queen room.
Camilla House. Same price as Sylvia. But in Kits. And it’s a Bed and Breakfast.
There are many other hotels available but you will find that these are the most affordable.
List compiled by Yashaswi Kesanakurthy.

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