The Planning Committee

Nafiza Azad (MACL)
Christopher Owens (MACL)
Stephanie Dror (MACL)

Program Chairs
Kathleen Forrester (MACL)
Matthew Root

Review Team
Laura MacDonald (MACL)
Saeyong Kim (MLIS)
Harini Rajgopal (LLED)
Laura Teichert (LLED)

Communications Team
Tracey Leung
Janet Eastwood (MACL)
Saeyong Kim (MLIS)
Aline Frederico (MACL)
Matthew Walsh (CRWR)
Jane Whittingham (MLIS)
Matthew Murray
Russell Hirsch

Logistics Team
Inti Dewey
Megan Harrison (MACL)
Janet Eastwood (MACL)
Jane Whittingham (MLIS)

Faculty Liaisons
Clara Kumagai (CRWR)
Laura MacDonald (MACL)
Danielle Wing  (SLAIS)
Harini Rajgopal (LLED)


3 thoughts on “The Planning Committee

    • Hi Crystal, here’s the website to look at when planning your trip:

      According to the map, either the Rose Garden Parkade or the North Parkade would be closest to Irving K. Barber Learning Center. Unfortunately, we will not be providing receipts at the registration desk at the conference but if you register online via paypal, you get an immediate, automatic receipt. I hope I answered your questions sufficiently. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to ask.


    • Okay, so after discussion with the co-chairs, we’ve decided to make the receipts happen so please disregard the earlier comment re: receipts. We will be providing receipts at the door.

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