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IXL-Math is an adaptive computational courseware that offers educational practice for K-12 students.  The program offers educators analytical tools to better track student progress in order to tailor their instructional support to best meet the specific needs of their students.  Similar to most computational courseware, students are provided a login and assigned interactive tasks by their teacher. IXL’s SmartScore algorithm then differentiates the learning experience for each student by generating questions based on students’ understanding of a topic.  IXL claims that the interactive courseware, immediate feedback and question-specific explanations support a wide variety of learners and engage students toward mathematical fluency. Personalized recommendations suggest skills that reinforce prior understanding and address logical next steps, all the while motivating students with virtual awards and certificates.  IXL’s Continuous Diagnostic provides real-time insight into the students level of understanding and guides them towards skills that they are most ready to tackle next. IXL Analytics provides teachers and parents immediate feedback on student’s strengths and weakness, classroom performance and progress toward larger learning goals.  

IXL Product Fact Sheet

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